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Shellfish picking

Shellfish picking is an essential seaside activity, presenting the opportunity to discover maritime fauna and flora and, of course, to bring back some seafood to enjoy as part of a family meal.


Main sites:

  • On the Dahouët foreshore in Port Morvan Côte Sauvage (beneath the Bécleu headland)
  • In Piégu cove.
  • Only during high tides, the area around the small island of Verdelet (crossing when the tide coefficient is in excess of 90, begin the crossing about 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours before low tide and return 30 to 45 minutes after low tide).
  • For everyone’s safety these times must be strictly adhered to.
  • From Des Vallées beach to the headland at La Lingouare beyond the Haut Guen rock.
  • Jospinet beach


What can be gathered at these sites?

Mussels, winkles, wild oysters, velvet crabs, prawns (headland at Piégu and between Dahouët lighthouse and Port Morvan), and other delights if you are lucky…


In order to conserve resources, size limits must be adhered to, below which the shellfish must be returned to the water:

  • Cupped oysters: 30g
  • Flat oysters: 5cm
  • Mussels: 4 cm
  • Pétoncles (small scallops): 3.5cm
  • Clams: 4cm
  • Hard-shell clams: 4 cm
  • Cockles: 3 cm
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