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From Vallées beaches to ville Berneuf by the green Road

From Vallées beaches to Ville Berneuf by the green Road

Distance : 8 km

Duration : 2 h 45

Starting at the Vallée Beach carpark.

Grow up the road of the Vallée Beaches, then take on your left the vauclair path.

A walk surrounded of wonderful trees. Around 1 km, turn to left, go straight on the path by Marettes Allée and walk along the golf,  18 holes ranked among the most beautiful in Europe;

Cross the road, continue straight path, then take the road on your left until you reach the greenway along. The way  La ville Guinio. This path is the exact location of the old railway train served the coast and had 452 km of track. Continue the greenway, you can halfway enjoy your left.

The ornithological reserve provides space for nesting birds, and also other species, which use the islet to feed, rest or pass the winter months.

Continue the greenway to the road, then turn right and left and you will find the greenway in the extension of the road. Keep walking behind the farm Pré Mancel.

 At the Ville Pierre, you will see a mansion which was built in the XVI th century. Take the road on your left, to discover Saint-Pabu's Chapel, built in the end of  the XIX century. Walk straight on Ville Berneuf beach.

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