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Natural beauty spots

La pointe de Pléneuf

Gives a panoramic view over Saint-Brieuc Bay and the small island of Verdelet.

La pointe de Pléneuf


Verdelet Islet


Verdelet Islet has been a seabird nature reserve since 1973. It is one of the few nesting sites for the great cormorant in Côtes d'Armor.

The ornithological reserve provides space for nesting birds, and also other species, which use the islet to feed, rest or pass the winter months.


To reach Verdelet safely, it is important to follow a number of rules :

  • The islet is only accessible during high tides (coefficient in excess of 90.)
  • You can leave for Verdelet two hours before low tide (following the falling tide).
  • To avoid getting trapped on the islet, leave no later than 45 minutes after low tide.
  • erdelet is a protected ornithological reserve; under no circumstances attempt to scale the rocks and disturb the tranquillity of the birds occupying the site.


Ville Berneuf Dunes

One of the last unspoilt dune areas in Saint Brieuc Bay. A few relics of old trees beaten by the wind and flattened to the ground from the power of the ocean. At least 175 plant species have been identified on the 10-hectare site.

Dunes de la ville Berneuf


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