Castle of Bien Assis is a 15th and 17th century historical monument made from pink sandstone from the town of Erquy, complete with French gardens, moats, stables, main courtyard, chapel and most notably its furnished interior which is testimony to its status as a living residence.

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Castle La LATTE

Medieval Castle (XIV century) converted into a strong coastal defense fort at the end of century XVII .

Walls, Chatelets input, Barbican, towers, Oblivion, donjon, oven of balls have survived.


Fort La Latte 22240 Plévenon         phone : +33 (0)2 96 41 57 11                                   web site

 Hunaudaye Castle

The castle was built around 1220 by O.Tournemine

His progeny will not stop to extend his possesions making the powerful lordship.

The castle was destroyed around 1220 during the war of succession of Brittany.

It's rebuillt at XV century taking into account the military innovations.

At the revolution, the castle was burned.

Therefore, it will serve a career. It's classification in 1922.

It's opened from April to October.


Castle Hunaudaye 22270 Plédéliac          Phone : +33 (0)2 96 34 82 10              Web site
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